Want Shares? Piggy Back on Relevance, Not Numbers

I am in the process of documenting my online marketing experiments. Basically, I read about how to do something, I try it, then I tell you how it worked (or didn’t).

For this experiment, I tested the influencer social media marketing formula for improved engagement:

1 .Quote them.

2 .Tag them.

3. Wait for attention.

4 . Make good friends and help each other.

This should have worked, right? It’s a formula. Formulas ALWAYS work when applied to humans…right?

No. Seems Relevance in Social Media is, Uh, Also Relevant:

Over on Twitter Shep Hyken describes himself as “…a customer service and experience expert, keynote speaker and NYT bestselling author, helps companies deliver AMAZING customer service experiences!”

Look what happened when I quoted Shep and tagged him, attaching my customer service meme:

You like me, you really like me!

Jay Baer, who has pushed customer service as a form of marketing, describes himself as “The most re-tweeted person in the world among digital marketers. Author, speaker, podcaster, investor.”

Look what happened when I quoted Jay and tagged him, attaching my customer service meme:

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp…Yahhhwn

Who’s the champion of customer service?

Who’s the champion of being re-tweeted?

Which one is more likely to have an audience that resonates with the message of prioritizing customer service?

Yep, good old Shep Hyken.

Shout Out to Shep! You’ve got the true believers! And you gave a leg up to me, the little marketer just learning to really leverage this Twitter thing. I like you, Shep.

Lesson learned, and appreciated:

Stay Relevant in Your Social Media Marketing

…and I really do believe in the power of good customer service. Because customers give you money in exchange for a thing you do for them. It’s the most important business relationship there is.

About me, Dawn Weathersbee:

I work with a variety of clients to increase online reach and sales through strategic development and management of brand collateral. I help you get really clear on your voice, your target markets, and your brand in its entirety. I also help alleviate the pains of lack of focus, lack of consistency, and fear of not understanding your brand and how it fits in your markets. You can find more of my marketing tips on Twitter: @dawnnwb