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Amazing how ‘pro-vaxxers’ think everyone has to be vaccinated. If YOUR kid is vaccinated and it works, why would you insist other people go against THEIR best judgement? Everyone’s kid and their medical history and therefore risk, isn’t the same. This piece is filled with presumptions. Not every medical professional agrees that vaccines are both safe and effective and it’s propaganda to state otherwise. Pediatricians are also lax in warning new (and sleep deprived) parents in what constitutes an anomalous and dangerous reaction, and will actually deny that a recently vaccinated kid with a high fever and high pitched screaming are related… many, many ‘reactions’ are never reported. Notice also, that no one just recommends you keep your infant and young child out of crowds and daycare, which works better than anything. At least if they catch something then, it’s when they’re older and their immune system is up to the task. Not everyone dumps their kid in daycare at age six weeks… and why is every newborn required to have an immunization against hepatitis (sexually and drug use transmitted), as if all moms are hookers and users?

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