How America Spreads the Disease that is Racism by not Confronting Racist Family Members and Friends
April Harter, LCSW

there is only one race, the human race. Can an unaffiliated, brown skinned Native American, who has been spit on and called every name in the book, say that. What about Racism that runs from the other direction? How do you rationalize those among you who say that the ONLY POCs that suffer are black. Yes for sure there IS suffering. But what about places like Montana of the 60s and 70s where the only POCs were Native? I would like some reparations. Remember, I have to prove who I am and still be recognised by the government, otherwise I am considered white — with none of the privilege and none of the assistance that other POCs get without having to prove themselves. The reparations I Want are to be acknowledged for being a POC and to NOT have other POCs tell me how much worse it is for them. It is heinous to be bred, but GENOCIDE IS EVEN MORE HEINOUS. Remember the Buffalo soldiers and the Trail of Tears, then let him without sin cast the first stone.

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