You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

How unimaginably arrogant of you to assume that your voice represents me, my needs or perspective. I did not join the march — I am actually ashamed of what I witnessed. Futher more you act as those what you did somehow empowers us, you’ve sent us backwards with your feminist bull****. I don’t want, need or respect you stating that you march on my behalf. Nothing you are protesting matters to me — oddly in your self-centerness you seemed to think is does. How freaking selfish you — all of you.

I will work hard and earn the money I feel I deserve — I don’t need you to label my worth or compare it to a man’s income. In many scenarios, I have eraned more than a man. Including now, and I joyfully work very hard and passionately.

I will maintain my own healthcare and planned parenthood — I don’t need a hand out — no thank you.

I am ok with paying taxes on things I use — including tampons.

I don’t care who-calls-who ‘pussy’ because I have heard a lot worse. It’s so irelevant to the BIG picture. GROW UP.

I do believe that our country is overwhelmed by illegal aliens and this is badly affecting our economy — so yes, they need to go!

The constituion of the US of Amercia never was it written that I would have to be my ‘brothers’ or my ‘sisters’ — keeper. I do not want to pay for health insurance I do not want, further more I do not want to pay an exorbitant amount for health insurance so that ‘everyone’ can have health care. I have my own family to support, to finance and to keep fed. I take care my 75 yr old mother, I pay her rent, food and insurance. But -she is my MOTHER. It is also my choice. I am sorry, but just because someone else has a pre-exhisting condition is NOT my problem. My family is, only my family. If that makes me selfish — then I take ownership in that role. Because the consitution of the USA never said I would have to be responsible for ‘everyone’s’ financial or healthcare needs — EVER.

I am angry that these women tried to include me, in their march for ‘women’ I am not you, I do not want to be included wth you — I definitely do not need you to speak for me.


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