An interesting article and good for quick and brief overview on iteration.
Guy Arad

Thanks for response. They are great points. I completed agree with you that readability is THE goal, whether using for-loops or list-comp or other methods to achieve it. Also, I admit that the title might be too strong and too opinionated. (But I got your attention, didn’t I? :P)

Aligning with you said, my intent is nothing more but to encourage people practicing those language features and sparks new thoughts themselves instead of comfortably falling back to loops every time encountering a problem. It was those uncomfortable and challenge situation made me grow and I wanted to share what I’ve learned with the community.

Also, I believe that making code more Functional (as in “Functional Programming Paradigm”) adds a lot of benefits. The community will adopt more and more this style of coding. Gradually list-comp and other things I mentioned in the article will be more intuitive, and more readable as the community grow, if that make sense.

Thanks again for your response :)

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