Why I joined Major League Hacking

As of last week, I became a coach with Major League Hacking. I will be traveling to hackathons around the world representing an organization that has “Hackers first” as biggest bylaw.

Hackers first

I am a co-founder of HackCU, thus this was the next step to enable even more people in the hackathon community. Creating a hackathon is hard work, and MLH does so much in making these dreams come true for organizers.

Let’s dispel what MLH does and things I hear often in the wild:

“I’ve never been to a hackathon, can I still go?”

Guess how many hackathons I had been to before my first? None, just like you

“Isn’t hacking bad?”

Security hacking can be bad, it can also be good. There’s white hat and black hat hacking, but Major League Hacking is completely different than both. “Hacking out an idea” or a “Startup weekend” are most often used to describe what we do. It’s like an invention marathon.

“I don’t know how to code, Hacking’s not for me”

MLH Hackathons are not for computer science students. They are for anyone who wants to build. From weather balloons with a live streaming camera to an SMS translating mobile app, nearly anything is fair game.

If you have any questions reach out on Twitter. Otherwise, I will see y‘all at hackathons!