Writing EDD 1/23/2016 —

Today wasn’t anything special or out of the ordinary. I woke up early, put on running clothes, laced up my running shoes and ran up the hill to meet my friend. We ran trails and talked about what we always do. Kids, politics, and women. It makes the run go by faster. Got home at the same time as Sanam and gave her a kiss. She is beautiful even after working all night. Took Beckett to the climbing gym. He ran around, jumped on the mats and climbed up the walls. Got home and took the kids out to shop for Sanam. We went to Anthropologie, and someone should really study the culture of that store, some kind of social scientist who studies cultures…not sure what that’s called. It’s a weird place, and I was happy to get out of there. Had some coffee and took a short nap. Played soccer with Kaya and watched Beckett skate the ramp that we built together, then went inside and let the kids cook French toast for dinner. It was a normal day, nothing special, but if it was my last day on Earth, I would die happy.

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