The one

Read this while listening to Sleep On The Floor.

One day she’ll come and rock your whole world. She’s gonna make you want to grab a bag and drive away with her. Roadtrips full of silly games and songs. Stopping in the middle of nowhere to see the stars and realize they don’t shine half as much as her smile does. You’ll look into her eyes and see that they are made of galaxies, and that no one could ever figure them out. She’s an entire universe and you’ve never loved astronomy so much.

I know you’ve probably been waiting for a long time now for this amazing girl to come and make you feel like the luckiest person in this cosmos. But don’t worry, I promise you, she’s coming as fast as she can, and when she does, love her more than you can possibly love someone. Love her in every fight, in every bad mood, in every silly morning. Love her like you can never get enough of that love, because trust me, you can’t.

Dax K. Sterling