The Importantance of Cleaning Up

Something I’ve noticed is how keeping a nice, clutter free space can actually make you feel a lot better during your day. It sounds obvious, but from a personal experience, having things clean makes me feel nice and refreshed because there’s no mess that you come back to after having a long day of classes. I’m here to give you some quick tips on how to keep a mess under control and the benefits of what a clean space can do for your well-being!

1. Put Things Away Right After You’ve Used Them

If you’re like me, I have a tendency to use something that I need and leave it wherever I last used it. Let me tell you that it’s not easy to find it once you need it again and you’re having to think back to when you last used it. To make things SO much easier for you, just remember to put things back where you found them. Your parents didn’t tell you that as a kid for nothing! You’ll remember where everything is, and refrain from having so many things laying around!

2. Papers are the Enemy!

Whether you’re in school and have a bunch of handouts or old papers lying around, or you’re working and have a bunch of old documents and bills all of the place, it’s important to file through them and only keep the things you find of use or importance. I’ve run into multiple instances where there were so many papers in my room, I couldn’t remember where any of the files I needed were. But let’s get real, when will I need to use my high school science notes if I’m going to college to study Communications? Most likely never. You’ll enjoy not having the clutter and feel prepared when you have a folder full of valueable files you can use if you ever run into something.

3. Clothes: If You’re Not Wearing Them, Fold It or Hang It

Ever wake up in the morning and struggle to find a nice outfit to wear, so you try on a few variations of clothes and when you finally find “the one” there’s a whole bunch of clothes everywhere? It sounds like this scenario came out of a Disney Channel original movie, but it’s almost as true as it sounds. Many people have a tendency to leave clothes all over the place and then it’s difficult to find that favorite jacket of yours to wear in the Winter or that shirt that matches the jeans you’re wearing. I find that simply putting my clothes back on a hanger or folded up and in my closet (1) makes me feel organized, (2) aware of where all my clothes are, and (3) keeps them from getting wrinkled and saving me the time to not iron it out.

4. Keep Things in Easy-to-Find Designated Areas

If someone were to ask me, “do you have any snacks we can eat?” I could tell him or her exactly where in my room they can find them. It’s something that makes things easier both for you and for other people. In my case, I have all of my food in my pantry and it’s easy for me to find something to eat because it’s all in one spot. I keep all of my books and class handouts on my bookshelf and on my desk because those are places I usually go to in order to study. It’s all about what’s convenient for you! You’ll feel like you have a better sense of organization when you know exactly where things are in certain sections of your space.

5. Making Your Bed in the Morning

If you’re like me and have a tendency to get lazy every now and then, making your bed in the morning is sometimes not the most exciting thing to do when you’re like half-awake. However, I’ve found that making your bed can take a room from messy to clean in a matter of minutes. The feeling of you having a nicely made bed will make you feel a lot better and let’s be real, it just looks way better than blankes and sheets all over the place. I’ve gotten compliments on my dorm room looking super clean and put together and it feels good to be in a room that looks visually appealing.

6. Decor is EVERYTHING

I’m a huge advocate for home decor because it allows you to express yourself and for others to get to know you a lot better. For example, I have a teal comforter and turquoise body pillow on my bed because it’s my favorite color and people have totally understood that. I have posters of pop artists Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor, as well as retired WWE Diva AJ Lee, because these are people I look up to and enjoy their work. I also have photos of my friends and family on my desk because I value them in my life. These things are just to name a few instances to where home decor can contribute to keeping your space nice and clean. You’ll want people to look at your artistic direction and style! It also makes you enjoy being in the space that you’re in, mainly because you’re surrounded by things you enjoy.

The Final Verdict

If you’re too lazy to read all of that, here’s a quick summary of my thoughts:

Keeping your space nice and clean can help you feel refreshed and organized and ready for anything. It’s a easier process than it appears to be and only requires some basic common sense and awareness. I never used to be the best at cleaning up, but I swear it’s something that you grow onto and end up doing on a regular basis.