Things Keeping Me Going This Week

March 13–19

Reflections In Real Time Cover


Kilo Kish: After reading about her in The New Yorker last week, I’ve gone back to her album Reflections In Real Time whenever I feel the need to relax my mind. She has a vulnerable and youthful voice that perfectly matches the sporadic, diary lyrics. Very quiet, occasionally sultry, kind of a long album, but has just enough roughness to keep it from feeling too produced and boring. I tried getting my wife into it, but just played a song on the way to get Wing Stop and sat there looking at her for validation while she seemed to not really pay attention to it.

Julia Holter: Have You In My Wilderness has been in regular rotation for me since early this year. Her voice has a unique affectation and when mixed with flourishing strings I end up getting caught up in the emotion without ever really knowing what she’s singing about. It reminds me of St. Vincent’s album Actor because of its mindful beauty and for how easy it is to get lost in the world of the album. She had one of those small billboards in Silverlake on the intersection of Fletcher and Glendale late last year and I drove by it every day without realizing what I was missing.

Ducktails - Church: This song isn’t new but features Julia Holter which I discovered by reading her Wikipedia page and I fell in love with the wobbly lo-fi riff. Reminds me of that little song that plays in Eternal Sunshine when Clementine tells Joel to wish her a happy Valentines Day when he calls and it starts snowing.

Dirty Beaches: The band hasn’t existed for a few years now but every once in a while I love to rediscover Badlands.


Love: I’ve seen a lot of hate on this show for being another white, hipster rom com, but sometimes a show is so good that it rises above the cliches that cause the intelligentsia to shit on it. The first episode is not great but what it sets up is probably the truest to life version of the 20s — 30s young people trying to figure things out story since the first season of Girls — before it went downhill. It is funny, the characters have chemistry, and the story takes its time instead of artificially creating pointless drama for the main characters to deal with (Girls Seasons 2-Present). The connection being that Lesley Arfin, a writer from the best days of Vice, was a writer on both.

People vs OJ: It’s heavy on the camp but the episode where Marcia Clark is torn apart for her looks, really managed to underline that the best parts of the show — aside from the term “Brentwood Hello” — are the quiet and human moments.


Clickhole is amazing despite being just as shallow as the viral news sites it pokes fun at but this vine of a Goose was the best.

Vertical Podcast with Woj I listen to a lot of NBA podcasts and while I find The Vertical’s podcasts to be a little too newsy and businesslike to consistently look forward to, Woj’s interview with Manu Ginobli was a notch above. Not being a Spurs fan I didn’t know much about him and it was fascinating to hear both the underrated competitiveness and the much more relaxed perspective of a truly great non-American NBA player.

Tidal: Your trial period is over yeah good riddance. RIP listening to The Life of Pablo except on YouTube at work. I guess compared to Wu-Tang Clan Kanye was being generous by putting his album in a place where people could listen to it for a month, but once Tidal goes out of business this year, will anyone ever hear it again without pirating it?

Twitch: I have watched Super Mario Maker streams nearly every week night for months. I will continue to.