101 Self Belief after rejection

back in 2015, I was in Kuala lumpur Malaysia and my idea to build a marketplace for export import was still inside my laptop. I was staying in apartment with very friendly and lovelies ladies who love cultures, permacultures, and islamic lecture. One of them ask me to check out MOCCA Fest at KL convention center.

After I agreed but seems our schedule is not married so I have to go first to that place. Not knowing anything about the whole event, I went to a reception counter where the security is so tight there with very Big Banner 11th WIEF 2015.

I walk there and register myself but they seems to not let me in if I don’t have any invitation. I told them that I want to visit the MOCCA Fest but there is an event about Islamic Economic Data Research that I really want to visit.

After couple of minutes and Q&A, i could not reach my friend. I thought that she is invited and I could come instead of her and etc… Final option the receptionist called her team leader.

What are you doing until you want to join the forum? 
The security is very strict because there are governments speakers , presidents and prime ministry. Therefore we can not just let anyone in.

The moment she told me that, I start to tell her about the idea and what I have done with my Podcast. from the way she behave, I felt really inferior. However, none knows you or your idea unless you tell them what it is and how bad you want it to happened.

I spent probably almost 30 minutes there! after her discussion. She lets me in and I got all of the candidate package from books and bags which most of the time I still use them.

You get what you ask for

I got in and attend a session by Thomson Rueters. It becomes the basic foundation data of AZZAM TRADE my first online tech.

In 2016, 12th WIEF 2016 is happening in Jakarta. but the case is pretty different this time. We are OFFICIALLY INVITED as participant. It is kinda amazing and I got goosebump when I was at the checking counter. Last year, I was not invited but got in Alhamdulillah

This year, we were the top 10 of Islamic tech pitching competition organized by WIEF in jakarta. Again Alhamdulillah but the sentence

Hard work paid off

it is totally true! Nothing is free in this world. 
you have to do something consistently to build your character, ideas, dreams
we have many setbacks at Azzam of course even now… Still
There are things that we have to be grateful for.

While inside of the hall, I made a promise for next year 13th WIEF 2017. Hope that promise and wish come true ;)

Met the same presenter for Thomson Rueter in Jakarta. So happy to tell him how Azzam so grateful and benefited from the research and work that they have been doing.

I had been procrastinating to write about this since August 2016. Thankfully it is done now. I hope you guys can get something from this story. 
Believe me, whatever you saw some achievements of your friends on Facebook or Instagram and they were smiling big enough there.

There are countless difficulties and set back that they have been through behind the scenes and it is just so grateful and happy they are to get what they got now.

If it were easy 
everyone would do it

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