Whispers from the past ( Hiring )

There are many times I want to write this article but it got canceled 
because distractions seem way more tempting than I thought. So, after building two businesses here in Indonesia. There are couple of flashback and I would say it some whispers from the pasts that I got as the moments take me back, when I say 70 new emails on account of my business where people applying for some positions in my humble company.

It was upsetting to be very honest to go through the application since I don’t have the HRD yet or manager to manage those stuffs. I went through all the email while imagining how big company to handle many applications and have to find the best talent in the market.

part 1 , manager application

As much as confusion got my way when I graduated from university. Believing, my high achievements during university life will take me some where in this world but in fact, none of them comes with present that I want on the other hand I have to find even create the life that I want. Once upon a time , I was on Job hunting for 3 days.

Applying for some big company whom are the industries that I want to study. Back in my head, I just believe that there is no way they will not accept me due to my good background ( according to my vague confidence) . None of them bother to look at that, in fact the next day I got hired by some awesome developing company where the call of being entrepreneur slaps me on my face.

Now, I am in the stage of hiring of some people and I can tell you based on my experience for you who are looking for a job. You better read the requirements that the company looking for and are you match the style or probably the atmosphere of that company.

You are none except for what you believe!

Well, Interviewed myself 30 people and it dries my brain! my emotions and trust me my energy. There are some good backgrounds and plenty experiences with well preparation come to the interview, fresh graduate. She is applying for operational manager, zero experience before ( never work as manager in a company) but some organization experiences . come to me with serious face and told me confidentially that I want this XXX of salary.

She is telling me as I was asking of course, she has answered. At that one point, a memory comes to be where I was asked the same thing and shamelessly I did the same. Of course, it is her and right to say whatever number but as employer it is kinda give me different impression for that person as they do not analyse the stage of the company. So people, really do background check of your company that you wanna apply. Because seriously, don’t waste your time got rejected because you don’t really know what are you applying and background of that company.

Things happened for a reason

During the email review, it is not about the subject of the email that will get. Oh well, it is contributed 30% of the chance of you getting picked. But I think it is about your path with the company. I only spend 10 second of an email of a person. If your file can’t be opened and you write long and complicated words…

OOO ooooo I am not gonna go through that hassle guys, so make it as simple as possible and the cover letter as clean and bold as possible. For me personally, colours work best and I believe for most of people. When you see bold, clean, and stand out colour. it just saw there are some effort put in there. So definitely we got attracted. I am kinda reflect for that 3 days I have been applying for jobs on jobs market. Trust me, the hires must be overwhelmed to even hire this complicated with too much colour on my CV.

Anyway, this writing must have countless flaws. Therefore, I will edit it tomorrow morning as I don’t want to procrastinate it no more.

So yeah! Get your attitude from writing letter and during interview right by deeply understanding what is the company and people behind the company you are applying folks. Just peace of thought by this ordinary human who is in peace with failures.