Most Worthy Secretary General Rajya Sabha Shri Shumsher K. Sheriff,
Secretary General, Lok Sabha Shri Anoop Mishra
Joint Secretary (Security), Parliament Security Service Shri Ajay Anand 
Joint Secretary Rajya Sabha, Shri Mukul Pande
Director (Security) Rajya Sabha, Director (Security), Lok Sabha
Additional Directors (Security), Joint Directors (Security), Senior Officers of Parliament Security Service and all distinguished invitees. 
Ladies and Gentlemen.
A very Good Afternoon and a warm welcome.
Our thanks go out to all of you - not only for joining us here today, but for making this day possible. For my batchmates, whom I stand here to represent, this event marks the culmination of a 25 year story - a story that began with the sowing of some very small but well selected seeds, a quarter of a century ago - seeds which took root and now have blossomed into a team of mature, highly motivated professionals, a story which can serve as an inspiring example for generations that follow. I take immense pride in informing that 34 officers (21 from PSS, Lok Sabha) and (13 from PSS, Rajya Sabha) have completed 25 years of their glorious service to this august institution. 25 years, when we look back, is a long long time. It’s amazing, How time flies, and it does so without wings. While we gather here to reflect on each phase of this memorable journey, we would like to remind ourselves of those of our team mates, who began their journey with us but left us in between, thereby creating a void which could never be filled, a lingering pain which is not yet healed. I know our dear friends, Late Shri Ved Prakash Kadian, Late Shri Anil Bhatia and Late Shri A. Subbaiah would be watching us from up there and blessing us.

Sirs, we still remember the whiff of fresh air that was felt in the entire Secretariat, when the batch of 89 joined the organization. The group of 38 raw, young and motivated boys and girls brought alongwith them, youthfulness, high octane energy and a great degree of optimism. We shared a conviction that the way in which we carry forward the legacy and richness of astute professionalism of our elders would eventually build structures for the future generations of officers of the Parliament Security Service. Each one of us has, to the best of our abilities and wisdom, stood by the test of times and yearned to work in manner, which would be fair and just.

This journey like all other journeys has witnessed innumerable ups and lows. The challenges were far too many, striking a right note with the extremely experienced and seasoned officers and leading our junior colleagues through examples. What we would like to credit ourselves most is, the way we successful brought about a sense of synergy and harmony with the rest of the Secretariat through a positive image building, largely by way of enhanced interaction, greater degree of professionalism and greater appreciation of inter-service relationship. 
Sirs, it is a matter of great pleasure and satisfaction that each of the 34 officers have received specialized training in different disciplines at various training establishments across the country and many of us have been selected for training in foreign countries including United States of America, United Kingdom, France and Germany. I may further add that our officers have excelled in all training programs and even won formidable positions. Much more than the personal gratification, such successes brought laurels to the organization and admiration from other security organizations, thereby raising the stature of the Parliament Security Service as well as the Parliament Secretariat. And to equip us with the best of knowledge and experience, we only have the Parliament Secretariat to thank for. It would not have been possible for us to explore the vistas beyond the boundaries of the Parliament Estate and unleash our potential, had this great institution not provided us with numerous opportunities and resources to match. The Parliament Secretariat allowed us to grow and prepare for shouldering multidimensional responsibilities, which we take immense pride in. 
Today, when we look behind into the path we tread, we reflect on the number of events that created history. We stood witness to some of the most glorious occasions. At the same time, there were certain events that jolted us. The 13th December 2001 terror attack was one such incident, which shook the entire nation. All occasions and events, good, bad or ugly, left us with some lessons to learn. The supreme sacrifice made by our gallant security personnel namely Shri J P Yadav, Ashok Chakra and Shri Matbar Singh Negi, Ashok Chakra shall never be allowed to lose sheen. 
. And today, when we celebrate the completion of 25 years of our service to the Parliament Secretariat, we would not allow ourselves to rest on our laurels. It is time to rededicate ourselves to serve the organization with greater zeal and spirit, to withstand greater challenges, to accept larger responsibilities. Now onwards, the challenge would be to lead from the front and raise the bar of efficiency. The future course of Parliament Security Service shall be chartered by each one of us and we shall consistently endeavor towards building a strong and impregnable defense system.

We gather today, then, in a spirit of enormous gratitude - to the pioneers who led this effort, our former officers and to the present leadership, which is so sensitive and concerned to the needs of the Parliament Security and its officers. 
And we know that the journey must go on. The dream will continue to unfold. And the work which all of us have been doing will continue to resonate in the corridors of Parliament and shall be the guiding light for the young officers, who would hold the reins, when we fade away.
 Thank you very much, Ladies & Gentlemen for your kind attention.

Mr. Keshav Dayal 
Senior Advocate , Supreme Court Of India
Patron :Dayal Legal Associates.
DEEPAK DAYAL (MBA, LLB) | Managing Partner,
Dayal Legal Associates .India. 
Advocate, Supreme Court Of India.

M : +919560732244 O: +919069113331

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