Three Easy Steps to Add DBD Tokens to your Metamask on Polygon

How to add DBD tokens to your Metamask

This is a step-by-step guide on how you can add DBD tokens to your Metamask wallet on the Polygon Network and be a part of the decentralised insurance revolution that is Day By Day.

Step 1: Get on the Polygon Network

Change the network on your Metamask wallet from Ethereum to Polygon. You can choose your network by clicking on “Networks” at the top and selecting “Polygon”.

If you do not see Polygon then visit to add the Polygon Network to your Metamask.

Step 2: Importing DBD Tokens

Now, you can import DBD Tokens to your Metamask wallet by clicking on the “Import Tokens” at the bottom.

This will prompt you to add the token smart contract address. Copy and paste the following address to the “Token Contract Address” field: 0x72b9f88e822cf08b031c2206612b025a82fb303c

The remaining fields are automatically filled up with “Token Symbol” as DBD and the “Token Decimal” as 18. Now, click on “Add Custom Token”

Step 3: Confirming the Token Import

A confirmation screen appears which shows the name of the token (DBD) and any available balance. Click on “Import Tokens”.

You will now be able to see DBD token name in your wallet. Now, you can now swap your MATIC for DBD on Quickswap and experience the insurance innovation of Day By Day.

About Day By Day

Day By Day is reimagining insurance with DeFi and NFTs. This is the first of its kind blockchain-backed insurtech platform. Our successfully released Web 2 business management platform and asset register mobile app will connect to our web 3 insurtech platform and take insurance to a new level of trustworthiness and transparency.

Our Day By Day platform will comprise of an insurance marketplace which will connect insurance policy holders and insurance customers to protect real world assets using NFTs (for policies and assets).

Meanwhile, investors will have the opportunity to take advantage of DeFi type investing (i.e staking) to cover underwriting while earning a return.

Day By Day is not a competitor for insurance companies, but rather the enabler to promote insurance products, provide access to new customers and facilitate insurance transactions.

The Day By Day platform is supported and driven by DBD tokens which will be used for:

  • Decentralised insurance transactions (premium payments, claim payments)
  • Powering the Insurance DAO (governance)
  • Resolving premium accuracy
  • Income for investors via DAO staking and claims pool liquidity investing
  • Insurer and investor risk management
  • Rewards for the community



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