Carol met August in Kinder. That was when it all started.

She brought crayons in every color there is. He had a ball in his hands. No, this is not one of those stories in which the jock falls in love with the neardy girl. Let’s not settle a prejudice. These things happen, and most of them happened in real life, to real people.

Carol liked to read a lot. She learned how to read and write at a very early age. As you might guess, she was special. Again, not a neard. She liked sports of any kind, too.

That is a passion she and August shared. But most boys aren’t ready to feel nice things for girls until teens.

They would play ball during recess with their mates. August was the best, not through her eyes only. It was a talent he inherited from his father, Leo. Leo was a former National Team Rugbier, internationally known as the Try Man, because of that last minute try he made during a friendly match against the Wallabies in the 80’s. That great deed meant the victory over the Australians.

Australia hadn’t brought his beast men, but that triumph put rugby into the national spotlight. Since that success, maybe the last one in local history, people started getting intereted in the sport. However, no discipline could oust football here… or in August’s world.

Unlike his father, he would rather spend the day after a football than an oval. It is not like he didn’t like rugby, but…

From kinder to 7th grade, August and Carol would argue about anything football related. Blue and read team vs. Black and white; Argentina or Brazil; United vs. City; Ronaldinho or Ronaldo; and on and on.

He started taking football more seriouly at 15. Double session traning and weekend matches. School would be a second thing, after ball. So there wasn’t enough time to argue with Carol anymore, and asking for her help with homework would be a smarter idea.

Carol didn’t have any trouble helping. School was easy to her and she thought there was an opportunity to talk and watch football.

Texts, messanger, emails, inboxes, saturdays or sundays study gatherings at August’s. Carol was like family, his parents and elder sisters have known her since they were 5.

It was around that age, 17, the year before senior year, when Carol decided to confess her feelings to him. Oh, Carol, always ahead of her age.

She prepared a box that contained a ball, a club shirt numbered 12, and a flag with a letter. The Monday after the last game of the season, that was the moment picked for the gift to be delivered.

Carol was good with words, she wanted to become a journalist. So she wrote how she felt about him and attached it to the box.

Life doesn’t always happens as planned. Luck, destiny, fate. Call it as you want, that letter wasn’t meant to be read in a long period of time.

Chapter 1.

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