Bruno Indoor Stairlifts — Stay in the Home You Love

Many older adults and people with mobility problems consider moving when they have trouble negotiating the stairs in their home. Bruno indoor stairlifts overcome the challenges posed by staircases and allow you stay in the home you love. A leading manufacturer of mobility devices, Bruno offers quality lifts for staircases that are straight or curved and have multiple landings.

Bruno Indoor Stair Lift Models

· Elan Indoor Straight — SRE 3000: This unit is designed for a straight indoor staircase. It offers unsurpassed reliability, functionality, and ease-of-use. The rack and pinion drive ensures a smooth, quiet ride. It can be installed close to the wall for maximum open space on steps and features a compact, flip-up design. Its armrest rocker switch allows for easy operation. Two wireless call/sends allow unit to be controlled remotely. Options include power or manual folding rails for narrow hallway or when doorway is at bottom of stairs and manual or push-button automatic operation.

· Elite Indoor Straight -SRE 2010: This model requires no modification to your staircase and can be easily installed. It features exceptional engineering and innovative design, and offers a smooth, stable ride. Safety features include obstruction sensors and seat belt, seat swivel switch allowing operation only when chair is in center position, and carriage and footrest safety switches. Other features: final limit switch, full diagnostic interconnect circuit board and keyswitch on carriage.

· Indoor Curved Stairlift — CRE 2110L: This model is designed to provide safe and comfortable access over a curved staircase inside a home. It features a load capacity of 400 lbs and comes with a plush, generous-size seat with multiple height adjustments. The top or bottom park position option improves safety by extending the rail away from the staircase. Other safety features include obstruction sensors and safety belt. Options: six different upholstery selections, power swivel seat, and wider chair. Mid-park and charge station allows safe entry/exit on staircases with middle landings.

Benefits of Purchase from an Accessibility Equipment Dealer in Westchester

Leading suppliers of accessibility equipment in Westchester offer indoor stair lifts from Bruno and choosing the right company will ensure a satisfactory purchase experience. A reliable company will provide free site inspections and help you choose the right Bruno stairlift based on your specific requirements. In addition to customized installation, you can rely on them for timely and efficient maintenance support, testing, inspection and on-call services. This will ensure that your accessibility device is in perfect working condition all the time.

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