Choosing the Right Acorn Stairlift for Better Accessibility

Reclaiming the freedom to move around in your home and climb up and down the stairs is the dream of every mobility restricted individual. Acorn stairlifts available in New York are superior quality stairlifts that are great options in any building with multiple floors. This type of stairlift can be installed quickly and do not require much structural changes to the home. They help individuals to be independent and move around the building safely. In the United States, stairlifts are in increased demand with the increase in the number of aging people.

Types of Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn stairlifts are designed for smooth, efficient, and quiet operation. These lifts are powered by two small 12-volt batteries under the seat or by regular house current. The most common types of stairlifts are straight and curved. The following are some of the stairlifts offered by Acorn:

>> Acorn 130 Stairlift: This is the ideal solution for straight stairways. It offers a smooth start and stop option which ensures easy movement up and down the stairs. This lift blends seamlessly into your home. It does not require structural changes to your home and can also be used on narrow stairs. It is very sleek and folds away conveniently.

>> Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift: This stairlift is specially designed for curved stairs. The advanced self-levelling carriage moves along the modular rail system that is sleek and smooth with soft start and stop button. It even runs at the time of power cuts with the backup battery option. When installing this stairlift, you need not make any structural changes to your home. It is affordable, reliable and easy to use and comes with one year manufacturing warranty.

>> Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift: This innovative stairlift lets mobility impaired individuals move outside their home and enjoy the outdoor beauty. It is the perfect model that gives you access to your outdoor space. It comes with all necessary safety features and ensures protection with a weather-resistant outdoor cover. It folds out of the way when not in use and requires no major structural changes to be made to your home.

Benefits of Using Acorn Stairlift

>> It prevents accidents and injuries: With stairlifts seniors and disabled individuals can easily move to the higher levels without assistance and it also reduces the chance of falls.

>> It increases the users’ confidence: Stairlifts will give mobility impaired people the confidence to do their tasks on their own and will not make them feel helpless.

>> It increases mobility: Stairlifts increase the mobility of seniors and disabled individuals and helps them move up and down the staircase easily and comfortably.

Considerations When Choosing the Right Stairlift

• Style of staircase: Whether straight, curved; or outdoor stairways such as those to the front steps or patio steps.

• Safety features: Including features such as folding chair and built-in footrest when the lift is not in use; safety sensors on the foot platform to stop the lift in case of obstruction; remote control components that enable family or others to operate the lift; lockable swivel seats, safety belts and light touch controls.

• Installation and support services: The company should provide installation, aftercare and support services with trained service technicians.

• Warranty option: Acorn offers a warranty that covers the motor and gearbox on the stairlift for as long as you own it. It also offers a one-year warranty from the installation date on all other parts.

Acorn stairlifts meet ISO standards and if you are in New York or New Jersey, these stairlifts can be purchased from a reliable dealer that supplies state-of-the-art mobility equipment.