ECLW Elevators for Ease of Access in Residential and Commercial Settings

According to a SATPRNEWS report, market research indicates that rapid urbanization, an increase in geriatric population and the maintenance and modernization of the existing elevators are strong factors driving the growth of the global elevators market. Residential and commercial elevators allow people to move freely within premises. One of the leading brands of available today, Elevator Concepts by Wurtec (ECLW) offers elevators for both residential and commercial settings. Purchase of ECLW elevators in New Jersey from a reliable dealer will ensure customized installation.

Type of ECLW Elevators

ECLW offers both residential and commercial elevators. These systems are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, and incorporate excellent safety features and heavy duty construction not found in other residential elevators. They are available in compact designs that require the space of an average home closet, resulting in minimal disruption to the floor plan and traffic flow. The company’s TIGER LIFT LULA elevator is an ideal option to for churches, small office buildings, private organizations and public buildings.

ECLW residential elevators offer the same dependability and innovative designs of their commercial counterpart, but are designed for the less rigorous demands of residential duty to offer cost savings. The primary differences between the residential and commercial models include:

· Lighter gauge frame components

· Lower capacity and smaller size

· Restrictions on some options

ECLW Residential Elevators

The residential systems include winding drum and hydraulic units.

>> Winding Drum Elevator: This unit is available with machine locations above and below, horizontal and vertical, with travel height and speed up to 40 feet and 35 fpm.

>> Hydraulic Elevator — The direct and roped versions of this system can be located almost anywhere, and do not need a deep cylinder well. It. The travel height and speed are 50 feet and 40 fpm.

Both these systems come with advanced standard features in common to accommodate most requirements. They are:

· Compliant with ASME A17.1 standards

· The system features a UL approved safety door interlock and slack cable safety.

· VVVF drive for smooth starts and stops

· Magnetic landing system

· High efficiency gearbox

· Hall stations single button call

· Buffers and pit equipment

· Light fixtures

· Rupture valve and pressure switch

· Steel sling and roller guides

· Emergency stop switch and alarm

· Terminal and final limits

· Cab height — 80″

· Load capacity — 950lbs.

· Optional features include battery lowering, emergency light, power gate operator, phone box, keypad phone and more.

Standard cab packages feature stylish, finished looks that easily fit any decorating need. Each cab package includes such standard amenities as: finished laminate ceiling, recessed incandescent light fixtures, brushed aluminium handrails, stainless car panels and hall buttons, unfinished floor and manual accordion gates. There is a configuration available for almost every site condition.

ECLW Commercial Elevator

The TIGER LIFT LULA Elevator is the perfect solution for existing buildings. It features an advanced frame design to allow for a diverse array of configuration options and comes in two models: Manual Door and Power Door.

· Manual Door Model — This commercial hollow metal swing door model is affordable, durable, and built to comply with all the code requirements.

· Power Door Model — Dependable and with built-in safety features, the power door operators feature smooth and quiet operation.

Ensure Purchase from an Authorized Dealer

Leading dealers in accessibility equipment offer ECLW elevators in New Jersey. Purchase from a reliable elevator company in New Jersey will come with benefits such as competitive pricing, free on-site evaluation and professional installation, and maintenance and testing support to keep the equipment in perfect working condition.

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