Journey LULA Elevator — An Ideal Option for Low-rise Commercial Establishments

Leading suppliers of accessibility equipment install LULA elevators in New York and New Jersey for a wide variety of clients. Cambridge Elevating’s Journey LULA elevator is a popular option for schools, libraries, churches, multi-family housing, and other low- rise commercial buildings. This elevator comes in custom cab sizes and various finish options and can provide safe and comfortable floor-to-floor access in such commercial settings. It features a hydraulic drive system and has a load capacity of 1,400 lbs and rated speed of 30 feet/minute.

A LULA elevator is a hybrid between a full-size commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift. It is smaller in size than commercial passenger elevators and much easier to integrate into a building. This ADA compliant elevator’s sole function is to provide handicap accessibility to a building. LULA elevators are suitable for both renovations and new construction.

ADA Compliant System

The Journey meets ADA Accessibility Guidelines which include the requirements:

- A cab that can accommodate a wheelchair

- Elevator hall and car buttons mounted at a specific height (42 inches)

- Handrails at a specific height (30 inches)

- Protective reopening devices that will reopen the door without the need for physical contact

- Hall lantern fixtures mounted with their centerlines at least 72 inches from the floor

In addition to conforming to the safety standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), LULA systems come with many advanced features such as: stainless steel automatic control panel, electro-mechanical locking, cruise control, panic alarm, walk-in laminated safety emergency, automatic sliding doors, etc. They also have an automatic operating system to promote maximum user safety.

Journey LULA — Features and Benefits

The Journey is ASME A17.1–2010 / CSA B44–10 Code Compliant and provides safe, reliable, smooth and quiet operation. Its ultra-modern fixtures and robust equipment make it a popular choice:

· Modern fixtures and robust equipment

· Fire-rated automatic sliding doors and plastic laminate wall panels,

· Rigid steel cab construction,

· Hands-free ADA phone

· Emergency lowering or battery back-up system

· Custom cab configurations

· 3-Year Limited Factory Parts Warranty

Purchase from Authorized Dealer

If you are planning to purchase a Cambridge Elevating LULA elevator in New York, find a certified distributor of this accessibility system. A reliable elevator company will perform a detailed site assessment and ensure custom installation by a team of factory-trained technicians and also provide efficient and timely on-call support and testing, inspection and maintenance services.