What are the Specific Advantages of LULA Elevators?

Limited use/limited application elevators or LULA elevators are designed for commercial use. Though they are meant suitable for low-rise buildings, they look just like a high-rise elevator. These systems are gaining popularity with architects planning for both renovations and new construction. Recently, the UNH Museum of Art in the Paul Creative Arts Center (PCAC) installed a LULA elevator during the revamping of the museum in an attempt to enhance the accessibility of individuals with physical disabilities.

A LULA elevator is ideal for use in

· Schools

  • Libraries
  • Churches
  • Multi-family housing
  • Up to three-storey professional offices and residential buildings

It can be suitably installed in existing buildings as it does not require any major structural and electrical modifications. It has a carrying capacity of 1400 lbs. It can safely travel up to a height of 25 feet at a speed of 30 feet per minute. It is equipped with superior safety features to ensure the safe transport of passengers. These include:

· Emergency battery back-up for lowering and interior lighting.

· Emergency stop and alarm buttons.

· Emergency manual lowering.

· Safety brakes.

· Fire-rated automatic sliding doors.

· Fire-rated plastic laminate wall panels.

Key Benefits of LULA Elevators

· Equipment and installation costs are lesser than a commercial elevator.

· It takes up only minimal space.

· It requires less overhead.

· It uses single phase power as opposed to the 3 phase power that is required on a commercial passenger elevator.

· The elevator pits requires only 14" of depth.

· It can be easily and quickly installed.

· It provides a comfortable, safe and silent ride.

· It is reliable and durable.

· It fits perfectly in both new constructions and retrofit applications.

The best option when it comes to buying a LULA elevator is to approach a reliable accessibility equipment company in New Jersey. Leading suppliers offer quality models of these commercial elevators from leading manufacturers such as Savaria, Cambridge Elevating Inc and Elevator Concepts by Wurtec.

· Orion from Savaria — This is a heavy duty, fully enclosed elevator. It is generally installed in the indoors of a commercial or residential settings. It offers a professional look with several premium features such automatic sliding doors and commercial fixtures.

· Journey from Cambridge Elevating — This system can be customized to seamlessly blend into the surrounding décor. It comes with various cab sizes and various finish options. Its ultra modern fixtures and robust equipment makes it a long-lasting choice.

· TIGER LIFT from Elevator Concepts/Wurtec — This model combines the latest technology with value, quality and reliability. It has an advanced frame design to allow for a diverse array of configuration options. It is available in two door models:

Ø Manual swing door — This ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant commercial hollow metal swing door is maintenance free and cost-effective.

Ø Power door — This dependable option has built in safety features. All power doors operators offer smooth and quiet operation.

Dealers in LULA elevators in New Jersey also provide customized installation, as well as 24/7 on-call support and testing, inspection and maintenance services.

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