6 Things I learned from Roger Federer

1- He doesn’t get angry.

Tennis, from experience, is the most highly tempered game. I have smashed more than 10 racquets, hit the net like a butcher slitting a cow, screamed my lungs out in complete frustration, threw at myself and the world the worst names ever and killed (actually pleasurably murdered) numerous flies and bees during my career in tennis.

Watching a man like RF performing the art of manhood, one doesn’t only learn the greatest style of play in history rather learns how to carry and represent oneself i.e composure.

Every time, I would get angry, agitated or simply lethargic, I would think of RF and what he would do if he were in my place.

RF does get angry, I am sure, but he’s such a master in concealing his emotions, even during the worst of times during the game. Sometimes, he would make over 60 unforced errors and lose the match and still smile and never show any sign of defeat.

How does he do it? Ask Roger.

2- He’s a gentleman.

A friend of mine once told me she flew with RF and his wife in first class. She mentioned he would kneel down and tie his wife’s shoe laces in front of the passengers and crew with complete humiliation.

On court, he doesn’t waste time between points specially when he’s serving, which is something I respect blindly as the amount of pressure building up during points is immense. Unlike other players such as Sharapova who received lots of warnings for taking over 25 seconds between points.

3- His wife is his best friend (and Manager)

Fact; Mirka Federer is not only her husband’s tour manager but also his wardrobe personal shopper/stylist.

I don’t think it’s because RF doesn’t have a taste when it comes to dressing himself but simply he doesn’t have the mental time to think of what is he going to wear. I believe if RF wasn’t married, he would put on the same sports and casual wear every day just like Zuckerberg, Obama, Jobs and the like.

The reason I am 33 and single still is I haven’t yet found a woman who could be my best friend and take a tennis hit with me, go for a run, a swim, a bicycle ride, and someone who could share the same interests. Mirka was a professional tennis player which I strongly believe helped strengthen their marital relation ship so much that they are now best friends.

4- He helps the poor and the rich.

Federer founded the Roger Federer foundation to help the suffering children of Africa get better education. He has raised millions of dollars to support building a better future for the coming generations.

He also helps the rich like Edberg, and Ljubicic through hiring them as coaches and building a mutual benefit by learning from their historic tennis expertise and applies on the court.

5- He is 34 and still winning.

In the game of tennis, RF has achieved the greatest success in history so far. He won 17 Grand slams singles titles, held world number 1 title for 302 consecutive weeks, is a pleasure to watch and is the world’s number one favorite tennis player for many years to come.

“F&^* you were flying all over the court” Feliciano Lopez 24, pointing out at the handshake after their meet up at Cincinnati in 2015; the 34 year old replied “you still have a few more years”

When asked why you still play tennis, he said “because I can”

6- He’s a great dad and son.

RF has managed to succeed in having it all. A great, if not the greatest, professional tennis career, a loving husband, a kind son and a humble father of four.

He flies all his family members including his parents to most matches, he takes pride in having the people who know and love him most around him in his failures and successes, he entertains millions of fans around the globe and he sets an example of supreme athleticism and manhood to humanity.

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