All I need is her Love ❤️

A study concluded that the happiest lives revolve around loving relationships, confirming the belief that “all you need is love.”- UberFacts

I miss her so much.

My heart is so afraid right now; it’s not sitting in its normal place; as if sinking below towards my gut.

It feels like the arteries of her love has fallen apart off my heart.

How could such love discontinues.

“It’s unbelievable how fast people can change. One day, you mean everything. The next day, you dont exist anymore.”- a tweet

I can’t get her beautiful picture off my head; I love her to the point that the reality of her being gone is simply unattainable.

I try and try and try to do anything but her love and compassion were beyond any trial of trying.

I still love her as if we are together; I await her eyes to open so I could look at them and kiss her lips.

I wait for her to come back from work so we could go grocery shopping.

She used to pick the cheaper cucumbers.

I can’t wait for Friday afternoon when she draws a big smile at me highlighting it’s the weekend.

I can’t believe or accept that my baby is not with me any longer; my heart is always expecting her presence one way or another.

She comes to my mind so many times during the day and I can’t help but remember our beautiful moments and how sweet she is.

Oh my Nika, I miss you my sweet little baby and I can’t wait anymore to touch your cheeks.

I love you unconditionally ❤️

my name is sherif and I love a girl