Genetic Dysfunction Disorder (GDD)

I am in love with my new writing hobby. After each article I finish, I feel so accomplished and that my intellectual box for the day has been ticked.

Accomplishment release all kinds of chemicals in the brain that then make you feel better. –James Altucher.

I love to write in the morning; If I don’t start writing by mid-day; I lose the ability to write and if I try and write, I lose the creativity edge so I end up scrapping what I wrote.

As Dan Ariely puts it in his Predictably Irrational: The hidden forces that shape our decisions ‘Humans are at their peak performance 3–5 hours after they wake up’

You can tell from my posts, well if you been reading any, how frustrated I am of how people I come across behave towards one another.

Add to that a sunny 24 degree day, a quick morning gym session, a stress free morning drive, a breakfast followed by coffee; What excuse would get you not to have a great day given that kind of positive start?

Unsocial people.

I would love to help these kinds of 2 legged 2 handed creatures and just make them feel comfortable being around other 2 legged 2 hands one brained human beings. Maybe I should be a counsellor, a life coach or just a friend.

Most of us, I guess, think highly of ourselves all the time; It is something beyond our control. For example, your ego always tells you that you are the best guy in this group, you are the most educated employee in this company, you are the most intelligent man when having a conversation with intellectuals or when you watch someone doing something, your ego goes ‘ I can do this, way better.’

This is how the brain is designed to work. As Tony Robbins says ‘ Your brain is designed to make you unhappy, your job is to rectify that’

Dealing with people is such a skill. It is one of the most challenging struggles I come across every day. Dealing with clients or customers is so easy as you both want to benefit each other and build a relationship so you carefully choose your customers and they carefully choose you.

But when it comes to people you cannot choose and deal with them on a daily basis, here comes the biggest obstacle of my everyday life.

Fellow workers and bosses.

The first time I heard the term ‘Office Politics’ was last year when I called my brother up and said ‘ I can’t carry on in this position in this organization any longer, I am going to die’ That was when I got a job at Procter & Gamble.

He advised ‘Watch the house of cards and learn from the way Kevin Spacey deals with people; I.E, play the game’ I tried his advice but it didn’t work as my fellow workers had a very different mental level than the ones Mr. Spacey used to come across.

So what did I do? I quit.

I quit a job at Procter & Gamble after it took me 9 years before I could get accepted to join that company of my dreams since day one at college.

When I had my exit interview, in the application a question said ‘Why are you deciding to leave?’ I put ’my leader and my colleagues’

When you work with people of different mentality, educational status and genetic dysfunctional disorder (GDD, I just invented that by the way); You do one of two things; You either meditate when you go home, e.g: go for a run, do yoga, or go to meditating classes, or you quit your job.

I did both.

The latter is not always an easy option because you need to find another job before you do so.

However, no matter how hard you try and have a laugh or a nice conversation with these GDD’s or simply just have a good ***** day, it won’t happen.

To be among great minded people whom you can share value, information and interesting topics with, you have to go to places where they go and meet them up.

For example, I started going to business events and entrepreneurs meet ups so I can have a conversation that would enrich my mental level and up it even further.

I am not afraid, like the people I work with who don’t even return a good morning or look up during a walk across, when it comes to meeting great intellectualists, even though they are way higher than me on the social or financial ladder. These people will not only add value to your life and satisfy your mental needs, but they may become your best friends.

You only meet great men if you are lucky enough to have a respectable working position or if you go to business events or meet ups of highly profiled characters or if you join the military.

Some people believe materials will satisfy their needs but it is all a play up by the monetary system, what will really satisfy your needs is to have great friends. If that is not a very easy option, mix up with people that have the same mental level as yours or higher. Don’t go for too high or too low as this will give you nothing but frustration.

Pass a chance to meet a great woman, you will have lots of other plenty ones; but pass a chance to meet a great man and you will regret it for life. –Sherif Seda, day enjoyer.