How I use social media to inspire myself and others.

Sharm ElSheikh 📷 dayenjoyer

During the last few days, a fleeting thought has been visiting me.

“How about quitting the internet for a while”

After giving it some attention, I bullet pointed in my head what I gain from using social media:


facebook @ dayenjoyer

Whoever made the study must have been having bad days because if other people’s lives lead to your unhappiness then it’s your fault.

Most of what I follow on Facebook is either of value or humor and inspiration.

Simply follow people and pages that inspire you, motivate you and give you new ideas on how to enjoy life.

My favorites are The Bucketlist Family, Yes Theory and Nas Daily; look them up.

You’re welcome.


To really get a good experience with using Instagram, make it more of what you like about this world than just posting a photo album of your timeline.

Most successful accounts are those who take amazing shots or videos. The rest are either people posting photos about their everyday life or selling a product.

There’s nothing wrong with either, you can do whatever you want with your account but if you want to up your game and show others how your passion can bring them value then you have to choose a niche and build it up.

3- Twitter

They say every writer must have Twitter.

Ok :)


You get a good article to read every blue moon but so far I haven’t gained much from it.

I published 47 articles, filled up all sections, and collaborated with many connections however it hasn’t served me much.

It added no value to my everyday life.

It’s better to ask people for Facebook if you’re in a networking event than asking for LinkedIn and pretending to be someone you’re not just to impress a false identity to others.

I used to do it and I gained nothing from it, so I am serving you a favor ;)

If people give you their Facebook instead of their LinkedIn account, it means they felt good talking to you.

Again you’re welcome.

5- YouTube: Only if you have finally crossed the barrier you have always put between yourself and your ego.

I remember taking my first video in a park with a set up selfie when a squirrel gave me a smirk, not to mention the walkers by.

At the time I felt I would never make it standing in front of a camera; today more than 70 thousand people have seen my videos.

YouTube is great if you want to up your confidence and inspire others to showcase themselves and what they can offer to the world.


The beauty of it is the short articles you will come across. Reading for 15 minutes on it will feel like you have read two books.

Because Medium articles are short, you will beget your scope of learning about many topics and subjects, you won’t find anywhere else.

If you enjoy writing or blogging, save yourself the hassle and time of building a blog site and write on medium instead.

You will gain lots of readers on it than anywhere else.

To summarize

If you can handle it and are able control what you see and offer on such platforms, it will make your life a little bit more worth living.

My advise is this:

Growing up as a kid, a teenager and an adult boy making it to a man, I wasn’t involved with social media, part because it didn’t exist and part because I didn’t like spending most of my days living in a virtual world.

But today, there are two worlds, the real and the virtual and you can not escape either. If you spend all your time in the real world, you will always be missing something and vise versa.

Balance both your worlds because this is what today’s life is designed.

You are trapped, in a good way.

How you view and use both worlds will either bring you a sense of a true valuable life or something else.

You only live once, so make it count.

my name is sherif, I am a dayenjoyer