How it felt when I fell in love with a woman ❤️

At 34 years of age, I fell in love deeply so, that I attached all my emotional expectations on the relationship.

When everything between us was good, my whole world was good.

I could read more, work more, learn more, exercise more, play more and laugh more.

But when things weren’t very good, I would do all of the above a bit less.

A man needs the love of a woman to be complete, to be whole, to be the man of today, tomorrow and everyday.

No matter how good you think you are, no matter how successful you become, no matter how much you accomplish, no matter how much money you acquire, you will never feel complete unless you fill your heart with the love of a woman.

A single man is an unfinished man — dayenjoyer

A woman who will take you by her hand and interlock her emotional love, care and support onto the molecules of your heart.

By then you can run ashore with your dreams splashing the goodness of this life into the air coming your way.

A one fine woman is all you need to be the man you’re supposed to become.

Have a nice day ☀️

My name is sherif and I am a single man.