I am weak.

I cried in front of her when she said “I feel like we are just friends”

I fell so hard, deep down the abyss of my tears like a little helpless boy.

I never cried; I only did when I was a kid.

I have been hurt so much before from people, windscreen wipers, mosquitos and losing a loved one but I never shed a tear.

But when she unloved me I just broke down in a sea of tears.

My mind keeps nagging my brain with all the “whys” in the world and I have developed an image that I didn’t treat her the way I should have.

In short, I f#%^*+ up.

Why do I keep f#%^*+ up many times!

Why does the world revolve around only me in the opposite direction!

I will never understand the consequences of my actions because sometimes life just toys me around.

I have been through the toughest mental and physical challenges my self could endure but I simply couldn’t love a woman the way she should be loved.

Wasn’t I supposed not to cry in front of her? Did she think I am weak?

If I don’t cry in front of her, whom can I cry in front of?

Yes I think I am weak, as weak as bone marrow.

I am weak for loving a woman from and with all my heart.

I am weak for expressing to a woman that she meant the world to me.

I am weak cause I trusted her blindly.

I am weak because I made love to her faithfully.

My name is sherif and I am weak.