I started investing in Bitcoin with Robinhood

Nov 29 · 3 min read

“Unfortunately, we will not be moving forward with your application at this time. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors” -The Job of your dreams.

The above sentence has been coming into my email inbox for over 20 years. 95% of the time I apply for a job I like, I get rejected.

I stopped questioning the reasons, be it a cv, qualifications, bunny job hopping or having a Pakistani first and last name or a British passport holder, the recruiter would think.

The continuous rejections have fueled out of the norm ways to generate income; after all, most of us, the middle class, work mainly for money in order to have a nice standard of living. Don’t pretend your main reason for working is other wise please.

Unless you managed to escape the rat race, we always work solely and mainly to provide for our basic needs.

Apologies Mr. Maslow for not inserting your name after a quote.

Having been influenced by the insights of successful entrepreneurs such as James Altucher, Tim Ferriss and the like, I decided to know a little about a lot as Napoleon Hill recommended in his Think and Grow Rich book.

While working at Emirates Airline as a Trolly Dolly, I started saving and bought my first apartment in Cairo.

9 years later I sold it and made some profit.

I then worked to learn because I didn’t have to worry about a rainy day for as long as I could sustain living on a check to check basis.

I have done so many jobs that I became good at different things, such as changing computer hard drives, making a real cup of coffee, selling hair products, entertaining others, giving fitness and spinning sessions, tennis teaching, mortgage advising, blogging, video editing and a bit more.

At 37, the repercussions of such vast knowledge is what, I think, led to many rejections from job recruiters, they must be thinking “This guy hops from one job to another like a grass hopper” and they are damn right I do.

The disappointments gave me no option but to make money other ways than working for someone.

Here are the 7 sources of income I rely on:

1- Working online

2- Savings accounts

3- Certificates of Deposits

4- Fitness, Spinning and Tennis Coaching

5- Travel guiding in the summer

6- Another job I can not tell you about

7- Bitcoin and stocks Investing (Just started)

I will go a bit into details about how I started with bitcoin.

Few days ago I decided to open an account with Robinhood, I got myself a free stock worth $5 as a gift, thank you Robinhood. Because it was a reward stock, I had to keep it on my account for 3 trading days until it settled. Two days ago, I made a profit of $0.22, sold the share and bought $5.22 worth of Bitcoin.

Bought Bitcoin at $5.22

Today the share is up about 5% hovering over $5.50

Bitcoin share on Robinhood

Every day, I watch YouTube videos, read articles, listen to podcasts and study cryptocurrency online. There’s a lot to learn about this type of investment. As my gut is telling me, if done right, it will be done right.

One of the videos on YouTube recommended Trading views for following Bitcoin’s trends and how it works.

Tradingview.com is where I monitor the Bitcoin trend

If I am able to grow the $5.22 worth of bitcoin; I will have accomplished another milestone of sustaining a check to check life without working for someone.


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