I’ve figured it out, It’s Health 😇 and Love ❤️

I have done a lot in my life over the past years.

I have experienced so much, more than I could have ever imagined.

I worked in so many places doing so many different jobs.

I accomplished so much that it became a habit.

I fought so hard to get what I always wanted to get.

At the end I got all.

But I never got the feeling I always wanted to get.

A few years ago, my dream was to work for P&G or Apple or become a Royal Marines Commando or have lots of money or a girl friend.

One morning I woke up and worked towards achieving all five.

And I did.

“I have always wanted to win Wimbledon, after I won it, I got depressed” — Andre Agassi, my favorite tennis player as a kid.

Finally I have come to peace with myself and the world and figured it all out.

It’s not the position, the title, the achievement, the money, or the award 🥇 that will give your present life a real valuable meaning.

It will never be no matter how good it feels or looks right now.

Everything fades, the span of momentarily enjoyment through acquiring anything materialistic in life is extremely short.

“Enjoy yourself, it is later than you think.” ~ Socrates

Many of us will have some traumas in their lives, and as such will awaken our definition of a good and prosperous life.

A recent one happened to me and I never understood why, how or what’s the point of it happening.

But today I woke up and learned a lesson from that wake-up call.

I learned that Health and Love are the two most precious and valuable commodities one can acquire and maintain in order to have a good life.

Coffee ☕️ & ice cream 🍦 come at an extra cost.

My name is sherif and I’ve figured it out.