Are you talking to yourself?
Jonas Ellison

Love how you freely and fearlessly express yourself Jonas.

I very much respect people who always reveal who they really are and never hide.

I wish more people were like this; I wish every one could be comfortable being in public in any situation.

I would like to ask you, what do you think about this?

I always talk to myself loudly; just so I can hear myself.

For example in the morning while standing in front of the closet I’d say “Shall I wear this t-shirt with that jeans or how about that shirt with that trousers?”

I’d also remember good memories and laugh about them when I am on my own having a relaxing moment.

Many people have highlighted that it is weird to talk to oneself loudly.

I do it many times in front of people anyway not when I am just on my own.

Do you think this is something I should think it over or is it part of being an energetic human?

In short is talking to oneself make me look like Larry David ;) ? If so, I wouldn’t mind it really :) I learned such skill from the man anyhow.

Thanks and don’t stop writing please