My life through social media is not 5%, it’s 6.

What I portray on all the social media of today’s world such as, facebook, Instagram, et cetera, is how I am living my life.

As it really is.

I post the good and the bad. I understand that many people, if not all, portray only the good times, but including the bad times make my profile more credible.

The closer what your life is on the virtual platforms to your real life, the more credible people will take what you post as real.

No one enjoys their day from the time they wake up till when they fall asleep, if that’s what you think some people live their lives, think again.

We have our days, moments and hours.

We feel good and bad as part of being humans.

The circumstances around us play a big role in shaping how we feel.

You can make your life better but it will never be perfect.

You will always, throughout your life, have good feelings and bad feelings, even if you have acquired all that is that contribute to your ultimate happiness.

At the end of the day, we are humans.

Don’t feel bad or discouraged when you want to post something on social media that would show your life as not perfect.

When you post a mix of good and bad posts of how you really feel, people unconsciously build credibility about who you really are.

If you keep posting only all the good things in your life, people will swipe up quicker than a blink of an eye.

Be true, be real and be yourself.

My name is sherif and I am a dayenjoyer.