Thank you for coming, please do it often.

I will never forget you my sweet little darling; loving you all always been felt first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Trying to get you out of my head attaches more love to my heart.

Maybe you already forgot me and the thought of my love towards you never comes across your mind but I love you to the moons and the stars.

A few hours ago you were in my arms hugging me with your gray fluffy coat rubbing against my cheek.

I pressed my left hand onto your back pushing your heart closer to mine.

I placed my right one on the back of your hair leaning your head soundly against my shoulder and sighed “Oh my Nika”

The wounds healed, the cuts melded and the joy of our love fulfilled a halo of contentment around our plain and untouchable hearts.

And then I woke up.

Thinking of your smile is the motor to my subtle lonesome laughs, thinking of your eyes is the sunshine to my gloomy days and thinking of your feet is my satisfaction to missing your body.

I know I haven’t been the greatest of men or the noblest of lovers but I do know that I gave you my heart blindly sealing its arteries within yours.

Whatever someone you may become, wherever you are in the world; I am sending you love, you’re my friend till the end. -Her
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