To don’t

When I dropped the dumbbells one day in a gym in London back in 2010 and decided to go out and run, I realized that it was time to start doing something for myself.

I happened to be an outgoing person, which means I love spending time outdoors; whether it’s cold, wet, hot, or boiling, I find complete satisfaction when I am out.

Being at home gives me a sense of depression, failure, makes my head think a lot, turns my hair grey a lot faster, and just puts me down.

So I go out a lot. As much as I can. No destination or direction, just open the door and walk out. Being out can and may bring you joy you never expected, like meeting new people, having fun with strangers, discovering and exploring something new;

I have found that spending time out door has always injected some sense of happiness in my way of thinking.

As I am stuck in a 9–5 job in a cubicle, I go for my lunch break to a local park and read a book. I listen to the sounds of the birds, sometimes squirrels come and say hi, I watch kids go by in complete joy. Life is just better when you are outside.

Yesterday on my way to the park, I saw a stunning woman. I smiled to her and she smiled back and I kept it at that, my mind wanted to chase her back and ask her for a walk but sometimes smiling and walking by is not a bad thing after all. I know the answer would be no if I asked her so I just carried on looking for some berry trees.

I was going to sit on a bench and start reading my book when I thought, why not just sit on the grass and not worry about your jeans, just don’t worry at all. I dropped my day sac, and lied on the grass and started reading.

Earlier that morning I was listening to a podcast by Kevin Kelly hosted by Tim Ferris.

People were asking him questions and one of them was ‘How do I change my life to the better’ He said ‘read 10 books each year’

Well, it’s August 2015 now and I am not even half way through my first book, but it’s one of the best books I ever read ‘Choose yourself to wealth by James Altucher’

He mentioned an extremely great piece of advice ‘The to don’t list’ unlike the to do list.

James does not write a to do list as it stresses him, never finishes it and it becomes a burden. I very much agree with that. I did so many to do lists before and they never gave me anything except stress and worry.

He suggests to have a theme instead. For example, today I want to have the best time of my life. I want to be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy. If you try and tick these 4 boxes each day, you will be happy, full stop.

We as humans, especially Londoners, worry all the time, why? Because there’s so much happening. What if I miss this event or what if I didn’t respond to that email or what if I miss the train and so on.

When we live in a busy place, we try and do as much as possible to keep up with the trend and we forget to enjoy time with our friends, family and social circle.

I used to worry all the time because I wanted to do everything; however there was a time in my life, back in Dubai, where I would be so content and feeling like my life is just great the way it is. I developed that trait or that approach to life after watching Larry David.

Larry has changed my life and the way I see things. He made me care less about the materialistic side of things and care more about the simplest things in life such as a good sunny day, a nice talk with a simple person, speaking what’s on your heart without any sort of worry, enjoying this very same moment, and simply liking everything you are doing wherever you are like saying what a great tooch to a stranger in the street or answering the phone while having sex or flirting around while waiting for your doctor’s appointment or picking up a prostitute to drive in the car pool lane.

However this approach to life when I apply it in a non-American culture, they look at me in a different way than when people react to Larry.

People react to Larry knowing that deep inside, Larry is doing nothing except being a complete human. Inside them they are saying we wish we had the courage that Larry had and be ourselves no matter where we are or who we are with.

To me Larry is an example of a perfect man who enjoys a perfect life among socially and intellectually twisted minds.

When I speak what’s on my mind and bring some Larry moments out to the people I come across especially at work, they go ‘ You have to watch the way you communicate cause sometimes you come across as being brash’

I really don’t know what brash means, and I didn’t even care to look it up, but that’s what the person addressed me mentioned. I said a communication between two people is a two way conversation not a one way’ When you tell me something I simply reply and respond back. For example, the other day a ‘colleague’ asked ‘Sherif when are you getting your phone training’ That was the second time she asked in one week, I said ‘Why do you ask?’ She went ‘Why are you always defensive?’ I laughed ‘Why are you always jealous?’

But reality wise I don’t really worry as I used to before; I am trying to get back to that state once where I would always live with the approach of ‘What’s the worst that could happen’ and I give life a smirk.

You are the average of 5 people you spend your time with. –James Altucher