Fighting hopelessness
Winnie Lim

When you’re depressed, don’t try and explain to others your situation cause their responses will worsen your feelings and cut through the wound even deeper.

I have found the best way to fight depression is to make peace with the situation or the past.

Sometimes I imagine myself as being in Jesus’s shoes. What would he have done in such situation?

Would he get angry, revengeful or mad? Or would he forgive, make peace and dedicate the time to make the world a better place?

Depression is very painful, I have been going through the deep dark abyss for more than a month now.

Yes exercising, writing, reading and doing other sort of things help momentarily but once you’re alone it all comes back to haunt you down.

Acknowledge what you’re going through, get down to the very deep cut in your heart, dig it out, kiss it and make peace with it.

You will eventually forgive people no matter how bad they did to you.

It’s ok to cry

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