Dayflash Company Purpose

Aug 8, 2019 · 2 min read

Dayflash is a new kind of social networking platform that’s doing things differently in big ways.

As photo sharing platforms unfairly use algorithms to dictate which followers get to see a user’s posts and as they push users to spend more time on stories from friends, long-form videos and shopping (all so they can make more money on ads & business accounts), less and less time is being spent on creators who share photos and short-videos to entertain or inspire the world, and these big changes by the well known photo sharing platforms are taking away visibility and opportunity from creators all over the world.

The team at Dayflash believes it should be easier to entertain or inspire the public through photos and short-videos — and form community and new friendships around interests. This is why we created Dayflash, which is a creators-first social networking platform that’s aiming to bring more visibility and opportunity to creators while empowering creators to bring more entertainment and inspiration to the world. Moreover, Dayflash is not only used by creators — Dayflash has many users who simply value being inspired or entertained by accounts they love and who use Dayflash for public self-expression, inspiration or entertainment.

We’re introducing a new kind of photo & video sharing experience, which many of our users have been enjoying for several months so far during our public beta period (April 2018 — July 2019).

To clarify our company’s purpose… Dayflash is aiming to ignite greater public attention and recognition to people who share photos and short-videos to entertain or inspire the world. No other mobile photo sharing company is set out to do that. Other mobile photo sharing platforms have become permanently focused on existing friends and family use cases and ephemeral stories for the long term — at the expense of creators. We see a future where the world is spending much more enjoyable time each day being inspired or entertained by photos and short-videos from creators, but this future can only happen if there’s at least one company like Dayflash that’s set out to make that happen.

In regards to monetization, Dayflash will always be free for users to download and use. We’re currently not monetizing and when we do turn on monetization in the future, we will always put our users first. We take user privacy very seriously, and as creators and photo enthusiasts ourselves, we understand and will avoid the negative user experience that many people have been facing on some of the well known photo sharing apps. User privacy is among our highest priorities.

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