Trump Tower of Power

Appreciating the man who rumbled across America for the last eighteen months, who has set the gold standard for upsetting the establishment.

When you walk down Fifth Avenue, Trump Tower is an emblem of sweetness. Quite literally, as golden decals offer ice cream inside the mystery skyscraper. The decal looks carved from Oscar De La Hoya’s statue at LA Live, or possibly Michael Jordan’s pantheon outside Chicago’s United Center. Manhattan has gold trimmed architecture, but very few buildings made from walls of gold. Madison Ave teases patrons with glass encased Gucci, but it’s not as enticing as gold ice cream Trump. Just visible for a kid to look up, and ask their parents to buy some. When you enter the “ice cream store”, security guard(s) will greet you and ask to check. The guard could be brutish, like other guards in most towers, but instead says thanks- before telling you to enjoy the place. What customer service.

You’ll never forget that.

Donald Trump is far away from his fortress, on January 2016. Trump is in rural Mississippi, the town of Biloxi. The Art of the Steal in Time magazine’s 1.18.16 issue, has 13,000 of Trump’s train waiting for its conductor. Diners and small conventions are the norm, since candidates can’t fill out more in the early winter months. But Trump has sold out a stadium, self-described as “the biggest crowd in Mississippi history.” An obnoxious statement, although, more accurate than you would think. On the next stop, Trump steamrolled through Massachusetts with 8,000 people bracing New England’s freeze in Lowell. Television ratings climbed sky high, then a nine month run with the Donald on top of the news- from his power lunches, to Donald Trump tussling with Fox News titans Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch.

You can’t imagine Lying Ted doing that.

The Art of the Steal looks back on the 1986 Wollman Ice Rink project, as New York City descended into crime before Rudy Giuliani swept up the sidewalks. Mayor Ed Koch handed over the Central Park rink, which had sat devoid of ice for six years, to Donald Trump. In four months, it opened on live television, as Trump cut the ribbon. Done for cheap, 25 percent below budget, in time for the holiday season. Wollman Ice Rink’s official site features a baby plopped down, young girls figure skating, the New York Rangers hockey team, and a Donald Trump logo. If nothing else, it’s worth noting because the rink opens again during this weekend.

For Republicans, sometimes you need a John McCain like outsider to say it’s my way or the highway. Trump is less reliant on the three P’s- party, polls, and press. Creations of the establishment. Trump connects to the public, holding 5.6 million Twitter followers, 828,000 Instagram followers, and 5.2 million Facebook likes- thrice as nice as Ted Cruz’s number for the latter, seventeen times more Facebook numbers than Jeb Bush. As RadioShack has dwindled, Blockbuster disappeared, and newspaper advertising declined- Trump has been to Reince Priebus what Amazon, Netflix, and Craigslist has been to the 21st Century- the middle man squeezed.

Have you switching teams like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

If you can’t beat em’

One of the struggles of Mitt Romey’s 2012 Presidential campaign was earning blue collar workers. When someone owns something called Bain Capital, it’s not the easiest sell to say “I am one of you.” While Romney became the most aggressive advocate of Trump revealing his tax returns, Trump didn’t play that game, nor the “I am one of you” game. In a rally at Council Bluffs, Iowa, Trump acknowledged his billionaires boys club, declaring his need for greed just like the fictional character Gordon Gekko, saying he would be greedy for the American people as well.

Going back to Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy, the Presidential race can favor Broadway and theater > government record. Trump’s own Republican competition were first time- first term Senators, whose rebellious politics got them to the show. Marco Rubio challenged his own party’s official choice for a Florida Senate seat, while Ted Cruz, a steadfast Republican guy, somehow is the least likeable guy in Washington. None were known for their legislation records. Senior GOP Governors dropped out, while The Apprentice congested highways with America wanting in, from supporters to protestors. Building walls to block off illegals, to the Democrat equivalent of Bernie Sanders rolling Leon Trotsky’s body from the grave…

If you’re passionate enough, others will be too. Sometimes you’ve got to toot your own horn. Nothing wrong with that.

Author’s Note:

Hillary Clinton is the most qualified Presidential candidate in thirty years, who will be President for two terms, that’s just my belief.

As a Republican, I’ve been a big fan of Trump- compared to traditional GOPs Cruz, Rubio, and Bush. Those names just didn’t inspire much. You wouldn’t think someone in my position to be conservative, but my interests are more economic, with less interest on social issues, health care, etc. Big on big military, privatization, tight immigration, so forth.

Now that I think about it, that’s very Republican.

But Hillary Clinton is my vote.

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