Leopard print spotted everywhere

Image Cred via Day in my dreams: @mvb, @mikutas, @lydiajanetomlinson, @kimmykitta, @thehautepursuit, @alyssa.lenore

Pun intended. Leopard print is the season’s newest neutral, with the catty color palette popping up across social media and luxury fashion blogs across the globe. There’s really nothing to dislike about a trend that’s as fierce as it’s fashionista, and that’s why we’re giving leopard print the street style award of the month.

Don’t worry Peta, the trend is purely faux (well at least the fur is). Spotted on satin skirts, dresses, blouses, jeans, even boots and sneakers — the print is genuinely crawling up on world domination. Sorry Minnie, you don’t have a chance. We’re seeing these spots even when we aren’t dazed.

A little too wild for your appetite? Good thing this fierce print is getting paired with basics, so don’t run from this beast just yet. Leopard print is naturally spotted in beige neutrals, and it’s getting about the same treatment as your black denim jeans. What do we mean? You can wear it with anything — but you’ll most likely default to a basic T and your comfy shoes. That’s purrfect, because it’s just the way these cats are getting spotted on fashion runways and Instagram feeds.

Don’t live in a big city where you feel like you can pull off fast fashion, don’t worry, this cat isn’t running. Making its way in and out of the concrete jungle, leopard print is being presented as an approachable look for casual style from NYC street style to midwestern business casual. Because it’s being treated as a neutral, there’s really nothing wild about this house cat.

That doesn’t mean this trend isn’t fierce. If you’re trying to flaunt your lady power, what’s better than sauntering out looking like a predator ready to attack the day. But keep it sweet ladies, no need to bring out the claws. It’s nearly 2020 and a world of office cat fights and forced feminism is out of touch. Let’s go garden of eden with this thing and play nice with the other animals.

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