Getting started~

Hello and thanks for reading my random blog! I have never blogged and I never saw the point because who wants to know about my life? I mean I always found it fun reading or watching youtube videos of peoples lives but those people are so fascinating! Always on the go and trying new things and getting all crazy! Makeup blogs and DIY blogs and weight loss blogs! SO MANY BLOGS! but whatever heres another blog about a random chicks goals and life!

My main thing going on is my family, my boyfriend, Jon he farms and is hard at work everyday so I’m the awesome stay at home wife/mom with our son Sully, who is amazing! I really have no idea how to explain my love for this child who gave me so much to look forward for and life! He’s the reason why I want a healthy life and hobbies, to show him who I am as an individual and that I love myself and I want to be there for him in so many ways! I can’t wait to see him learn and hit milestones and accomplish being an awesome individual ❤ I hope I can be a great supporter and an amazing mom for him (and any future children) My boyfriend Jon is pretty fantastic and amazing and all those awesome good things, he supports me and is always on my side and has never took me down, I’m pretty damn lucky (I’m sure were have our days but for the bigger picture I’m pretty spoiled) anyways, about Jon, he farms land in Saskatchewan where we live, his hobbies include, Dirt biking, mountain biking, travelling, having an awesome yard, our dog Lincoln and our family! But motocross is pretty big for him, rides a Honda, watches the races, likes to go to races and do the races and has tiny little dirt bike model things! you get the picture :) We also have a meathead for a dog named Lincoln he’s a Valley Bulldog he’s a year old and we love that meathead a lot (even tho he has a thing about not listening to us half the time) hahah

So I thought ill let you know what I’m into, I just had a baby April 2016 so I’m trying to get my old body back, get my life back on a healthier life style.. like yesterday (I know it takes time but the stretch marks and the small fanny pack for a stomach is kinda sad) so I been juicing (just to get my veggies and fruit intake I still have meals) it’s pretty amazing and tasty and I been eating pretty healthy but the exercise is hard and painful, you’re so sore after working out (seems more sore after having a baby than before) I can hardly hold my child the next day to feed him! but I have been managing, I have already lost some weight (22lbs) and my boyfriend got me a fitbit for my birthday (May 24) to keep me motivated (I think he’s sick of my “I’m an overweight floppy slug monster with a fanny pack tummy and under arm wings with extra back fat wings, because I need more wings to carry my fatass everywhere!” talk hahah he thinks I’m beautiful but I know the guy wants my tight ass back HE CANT LIE TO ME!) So maybe writhing my goals and hardships on here will help me stay on track!

I’m also into Gardening, I love it.. you feel so AWESOME growing things, like yeah I grew that, I DID THAT! now I can feed myself for cheaper and healthier and all that fun stuff! My garden is kinda huge and I’m still learning but so far I have Red and White Potatoes, Sweet Onions, Corn, Peas, Beans, Carrots, Raddishs, Cucumbers and Pumpkins! every things up and growing but the wind out here is crazy! so a couple of my cucumbers had left me for a better place.. hopefully everything turns out and I have a successful garden so I can pickle half of it for my boyfriend (who loves pickled everything) wish me luck!

I have other great things I love to do, like reading, watching movies, playing video games, cooking, juicing, etc but I can go into those subjects another day.

Well.. other great stuff about me, I do online surverys for fun (and because somedays I’m bored as fuck during nap time) and finding fun things to do online, and wasting time on reddit haha I also been on BzzAgent sense January and its pretty awesome, Its actually why I started this blog.. Is swearing allowed if BzzAgent might see this? :-| let me know haha

I’m sure ill have other great random things to talk about later but for now this is just me getting started Xo

WELP, thats all I have for now.. this has been rather refreshing and fun. (I’m not awesome all the time and there will be spelling mistakes, I apologize to you grammar soldiers)


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