A new way to analyze your personal chat history

converscope teaser trailer

What it’s like to bike from San Francisco to Santa Barbara in one weekend

day 1, mile 64: all smiles on the western front

me versus the mean streets of San Francisco

Bigger. Badder. Twice as much ~content~ as the 2018 retro.

a good chunk of my 2019 “have fun” goal group was defined by cycling and photography. this is #shotoniphone
  • Do (run?) a triathlon [2/10]
  • Make…

Face recognition, fast trains, crazy mopeds, rooftop lust

Shanghai Nightscape: seven photos stiched together because my wide angle lens is broken

I gave myself a performance review

these circles represent 2018

How to get them smashing colors

Screen Size



Storage Capacity

i’m secretly a lawyer

they got them in alphabetical order too

Daylen Yang

cameras, code, and (self-driving) cars

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