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(An addition to Jordan’s amazing comment.)

The collection of rape kits take 4–6 hours, some states require you to pay for it, some states require you to relive the most traumatic event of your life every six months to preserve the kit from being destroyed, and then in the end, there’s an extremely high chance it will be destroyed anyways without ever being tested, sometimes because the cop in charge of the kit doesn’t believe you, so the only evidence you have isn’t even introduced to the court. In most rape cases, a false sense of justice is the only justice you’ll ever get, and that’s partially because hundreds of thousands of rape kits sit untested.

As for that lovely speculation that they’re just “fucking their way to the top,” even if that’s the case, you can still be raped while doing so. I’ve never understood why people are so determined to convince themselves rape accusations are false, especially when the rate of false accusations is actually EXTREMELY low. This mindset does not happen like it does with other crimes, but for some reason, people love to throw rape victims under the bus, perpetuating the issues we have with reporting rape in the first place.

Why not report you ask? One of the countless reasons is because of the exact thing you said in your last paragraph.

This might help you in the future:

Best of luck with everything, Adeline.