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Sorry, but I’m pretty sure trying to halt passion and free speech should never be “necessary” advice for others. Jumping to conclusions and telling people what they “should do” before you know they’ve already done it is also pretty much universally unnecessary. Just ask anyone around you. “Would it be necessary for me to tell you what I think you should do, even though you’ve already done it?” Pretty much the definition of unnecessary lol. I’m just giving you constructive criticism on your criticism. I’d think you would want to get better at giving criticism, because it seems pretty important to you, but I guess not. I guess it’s more important to tell random people they “need therapy” (because someone else told them they’d make a good lampshade simply because they stated a fact in their favorite online space, so they decided to write about the vitriolic antisemitism they experienced), rather than condemning the antisemitism.

Trying to chase people away from what’s important to them, from their favorite online spaces, and from recognition of their own history is pretty ridiculous, honestly. It’s even more ridiculous to claim they need therapy for participating in all of that. Apparently she needs therapy because she recognizes and cares deeply about her own peoples’ deadly past? I’m part Native American. During this pipeline issue, things have gotten pretty out of hand on some of my favorite websites, causing people to become extremely aggressive towards Native Americans and their heritage. I guess I’m supposed to stop caring about it because it’s a negative experience that does, in fact, tend to make me feel bad? I’m supposed to get therapy because I care about what happens to these people? If everyone stopped caring about negative events and situations, nothing good would ever come out of it. That’s why that portion of your criticism is more than unnecessary, it’s flat out dangerous and aims to limit rights.

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