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Sure, I guess that sort of sums up my views at an extremely base level. Welcome to the world of competition. You’ll always be competing for jobs against people with more experience, and that’s why it’s necessary to push yourself to gain that experience if you want a cushy job right out of college. You’re competing against people who’ve done all that AND worked their butts off to gain experience. You’re competing against people who’ve been out working for a while and/or for decades. It’s simply one of the realities of joining the workforce. Expecting businesses to choose someone completely inexperienced over people with experience and more skills is irrational. It’s a smart business move to hire valuable employees with the necessary experience. Expecting them to treat you special because the only thing you bring to the table is a piece of paper that hundreds of thousands of other recent graduates also have is pure entitlement. Sorry if you don’t like it, but throwing a little fit won’t help you and it doesn’t matter if you “support” it. Calling natural workforce competition “abuse” shows you’re not taking personal responsibility and instead blaming everyone and everything else for your own personal failure. Work hard for what you want, get an internship after graduation if you can’t handle getting one while in college, and don’t expect it to be handed over just because you (maybe) attended some classes. All that piece of paper does is give you the opportunity to apply for specialized, skilled jobs. Experience is what lands the job.