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When they’re repeated often enough with the same outcome, they become considered facts. Hence, science exists! Gravity, you know! But this is a different sort of science… a social one. Granted, a bit harder to capture in some ways, but all I’m advocating for is for students to try to get experience while they study or right after, for their own benefit in entering the workforce or continuing on to graduate school. Graduate school is more meaningful if you take the time to work a while before continuing. Instead of immediately repeating the basics, the basics are just a refresher and you have real world situations to apply the new knowledge to. I don’t know why you’re so against that, honestly! In both situations, experience will help you most of the time. You’re not trained specifically in practicing this social science, so I do understand where the misunderstandings are coming from though. That’s fine. We can’t all know everything, which is why we specialize in certain fields!

To be honest, I appreciated your other comments, but not the condescending tone of this one, dear. You don’t need to “dumb down” my own career for me, but thanks, I guess, for the 101 level explanation. You can keep trying to treat me like an adolescent girl, but you’re just embarrassing yourself when you do that. It’s a sad display of sexism. Maybe you just need a spanking, dear?

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