You mean like the two manosphere denizens, John Thumb-Up-His-Ass Burrett and KY Gel Conservatarian?
Jessica Compton

Yes, those exact two (and many, many others I’ve found in Facebook comment sections too)! Estawald as well, who so proudly said with dismissiveness, in response to sex trafficking being a problem in the U.S., “Bad things happen to people in this world? Why didn’t somebody tell me sooner?” He also said: “If it wasn’t for sex, men would have killed of women ages ago.” Extremely revealing as well.

They seem to truly believe it is, but I hope for the good of those around them that it’s some sort of trolling satire.

It’s fascinating to watch them make such fantastic examples of themselves. It’s good samaritans like these guys, crawling out from under their rocks, who end up proving the point of what they’re denying. There’s nothing better than living, breathing proof! It’s too bad they’re not intelligent and self-aware enough to realize they’re just hurting their own cause.

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