Suffocated Crushed beneath the weight Of a thousand words never spoken
Dear Brock Turner: Here is How “20 Minutes” Changes Someone.
Molly S. Hill

Your piece was amazing, but I was absolutely floored by the poem. It tore my heart open and left me crying. It’s by far the most beautiful, heart-wrenching thing I’ve ever read and I can’t wrap my mind around how you achieved the flow and nuance of it.

This part, the part that goes…

“Like a guide dog you lead me

To the last place I felt alive





is STUNNING. It’s so powerful and profound. I can’t find better words to describe it.

Thank you for writing this. Within one piece, you have become my inspiration. I too have felt what you described; I was 16 when my assaults happened. That feeling of smallness, of being trapped within my body, of wanting to be invisible, to be free, has plagued me for years. I’ve learned to live with it and overcome it to some extent, but the Brock Turner case has ripped open old wounds. I am excited to see where I am after it has blown over, because I only hope that her justice will help me and others through our own pain. I’m hoping it will help me deal with seeing my attacker several times a year — not only seeing him, I sleep at his house because it is his sister’s house. She’s my best friend. When I’m suffocating under the weight of a thousand words never spoken, including those I held from her, I’ll come back to this poem and remind myself I’m not alone. The amount of support and the stories that have been shared have helped me to find my voice and sort through my own emotions. Thank you for adding your own to the chorus. It was needed much more than I can explain.

You’re an amazing person, Holly. Thank you for bringing beauty to the world, and more than that, thank you for having the strength to stay. ❤

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