75 Hours Of Your Time Please: Your Daily Success Tip

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali would have been 75 years old this coming January. His family decided to go forward with the birthday gift they had planned for him — encouraging others to dedicate 75 hours of service to those in need, to a fundraiser, to a non-profit, to anything or anyone that needs help. According to his widow Lonnie Ali, there is a little bit of Ali in all of us.

From the website: Join the ALI IN ALL OF US INITIATIVE by celebrating the ALI75 service campaign. Whether you’re a corporation, individual, group or event, celebrate the work you’re doing and help others join an actionable path to transform our world.

INSPIRE Volunteers, Organizers, and Supporters 
CAPTURE Acts of Service 
CELEBRATE Personal, Community and Global Impact

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.
 — Muhammad Ali

Dayna note: Our family gives new Google Chromebooks to high school students in need. We are not a non-profit or any sort of official organization, we just reach out to local schools, organizations when we travel, people we read about — and offer the new laptop. You can do this too — it’s that easy. *Surprising three students with laptops in Los Angeles tomorrow afternoon while there on a business trip. Follow along on Facebook or Instagram.

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