College Votes Will Be Lost: Your Daily Success Tip

Thousands of college students will not be able to vote November 8th because they are registered to vote under their home address

How many college students think they will be able to vote November 8th in one of the most important presidential elections this country has ever seen? Thousands, if not more, will be left out of this process. Why? Because they are registered to vote at home, not at school. Checking to see if Son 2.0 was registered to vote, I learned he is registered under our home address in a small town south of Houston. He goes to college in Austin and rarely makes it home anymore. He needs to come home and early vote, apply for the form to vote by mail (yeah, that will happen), or register immediately under his address in Austin.

Can you vote? Are you registered to vote? Where do you need to vote? When is early voting and where? Can you vote by mail? Find the answers and find the answers now. If you wait, your voice will not count. Visit Can I Vote?
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