Show Me Your Game Face: Your Daily Success Tip

Quit worrying about everyone else and focus on your game, your service, your product. There will always be naysayers and distractors trying to throw you off your game. They can’t beat you, they can’t be better than you, but they can wreak havoc with your mind and destroy your game if you let them. Ignore them and, again, focus on your game. Not theirs. The sooner you learn to do this, the sooner you will be successful at whatever you do. And remember, the more successful you are, the more naysayers and distractors appear. Focus on your game.

If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.
 — Albert Einstein

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Dayna Steele is the creator of Your Daily Success Tip. She tells true rock success stories based on lessons she learned from working with the world’s greatest rock stars and she writes books including the 101 Ways to Rock Your World book series. Dayna also found a way to laugh at and explain Alzheimer’s. In her spare time, she drinks good wine and plays bad golf.