Someone Needs You Today: Your Daily Success Tip

Want to succeed? Give back a little of your success every day. Need an idea? Adopt a classroom. Work for a big company? Adopt an entire school. Solo entrepreneur? Mentor a single student. Even in what appears to be the most affluent areas, you will find kids in need — of physical supplies and mentor motivation. Communities in Schools is a good place to start — they know exactly where you are needed.

From 35 Silent Business Killers by Jane Moughon: Killer #9 — Not having a corporate cause or social responsibility program for employees to help and support.
  • Bonus tip: School starts in many areas around the country today. Watch those school zones. “I didn’t know” won’t get you out of that ticket — and it’s an expensive ticket!
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Dayna Steele is the creator of Your Daily Success Tip. She tells true rock success stories based on lessons she learned from working with the world’s greatest rock stars and she writes books including the 101 Ways to Rock Your World book series. Dayna also found a way to laugh at and explain Alzheimer’s. In her spare time, she drinks good wine and plays bad golf.

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