5 simple tips to heal your gut and sinuses

Dayne Barkley
May 9, 2017 · 4 min read

Why I no longer have hayfever

Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.

Tony Robbins

use to suffer hay fever every spring and summer for years, reaching its pinnacle of severity in my early 20’s. Being born and raised in Melbourne, one of the hot spots in the world for allergies and hayfever sufferers did not help my situation. In hindsight, I’m actually glad I suffered a fair bit which forced me to adapt and evolve in my health and has led me to pursue this as a career and realize my passion and obsession in health and human performance. I hope what I share can be of value to you or someone you love and avoid going through what I did.


In early 2011 after months of another terrible hayfever season, sneezing my head off my spine and itching my eyes out of its sockets. My doctor recommended all noninvasive solutions first including corticosteroid nasal sprays and antihistamines with very little success and for all I know may have even caused more harm. I made a visit to the doctor’s office to see what else they could do to relieve my symptoms. That’s when I began my Allergen immunotherapy weekly injections in an attempt to deactivate the cause of my hayfever. This treatment is used mainly to the most serious of hayfever sufferers, whose quality of life is dramatically affected by their hayfever, and for whom allergic rhinitis medication is proving ineffective. Which was me at the time!

After months of weekly injections at the doctor’s office and desperate for an effective long term solution no matter the cost, my GP suggested as the last resort, an operation. I discussed with my parents and a visit to one of the top ear, nose and throat surgeons in Melbourne convinced me. I went in for a turbinectomy, rhinoplasty, and septoplasty with the hope this would be my saving grace.

I was wrong.

Only short term relief.


As the symptoms came back I desperately began to seek alternative routes. This is when I came across Integrative Functional Medicine and Alternative Medicine. Switching my mindset to finding the root cause of my hayfever and allergies rather than simply putting a band-aid on it.

These are my 5 best, simple and effective methods that I applied to myself gradually over months and still do to this day to help repair my gut and sinus issues. By no means are you limited to these 5 alone, as there are so many variables in health, I encourage each and every one of you to experiment with what works for you and your body and do your own research.


Eliminating gluten and grains from my diet took several months to implement and had a significant impact on repairing my gut health which in turn contributed to easing my chronic inflammation. Every person is different and may require more or less time.


Chicken and Beef bone broth is becoming readily available now as we begin to acknowledge the science behind our ancestor’s foods and lifestyle. Simply google bone broth and see how many are popping up.

Quick nutritional facts: Over 19 easy-to-absorb, essential and non-essential amino acids, collagen/gelatin, which help form connective tissue and nutrients that support digestive functions, immunity and brain health. (source)


Cleaning your sinuses daily with a natural saline spray to remove any pollen and/or dust build up.


Incorporate turmeric into your cooking as a potent anti-inflammatory compound. Either taking it in supplement form as the active compound Curcumin, for those suffering severely or simply adding turmeric powder to your foods.


As I spoke about in my last post, Can You Out-Eat a Bad Environment? Your environment matters! So incorporating the tips on that post and making sure you get consistent quality deep sleep.

Some of the best advice I can give you when it comes to maintaining and optimizing your health is PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY. You cannot simply implement all these and expect to see results instantly. If you have spent years if not decades on disregarding your health, then it may take months or years to repair and see improvements.

Most of all take ACTION!


If you would like to know more about anything from above or thinking about taking action toward your health and need that extra personalised support and guidance, head on over to www.daynebarkley.com and schedule a FREE initial consultation call and we can see if coaching may be a good fit for you.

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