Can You Out-Eat A Bad Environment?

Dayne Barkley
4 min readMay 2, 2017


You sure as hell can’t outrun a bad diet.

The short answer.


Most people are familiar with the phrase “You can’t outrun a bad diet” referring to the fact you cannot simply eat crap and then exercise vigorously and or chronically and expect to be truly healthy and optimal. As I was pondering this phrase the other day, I thought of an extension that needs to be added to this phrase. “You can’t out-eat a bad environment.” In which I am referring to the fact you cannot simply eat “clean” to your definition, whether that is the healthiest foods on the planet, or following a particular diet protocol and expect to be truly healthy and even heal your body if your environment is rubbish.

You can’t get better in the same environment you got sick in

Jack Kruse

I see so many health gurus pushing everything from supplements to exercise programs to diet protocols, and making a killing from it. Don’t get me wrong I still take some supplements and may even fall into one of the diet protocols as I have had success with thus far. But it all pails in comparison to the changes I have made in my environment. Whether some are intentionally just out to make money or innocently unaware of more important factors, like your environment. Either way, from my continuing rapid learning I have become increasingly more skeptic as to why people and or companies sell what they sell.

Let me explain what I mean by environment and some practical tips on how to optimize your environment.

nnEMF (non-native electromagnetic frequencies)

So biophysics is not the easiest subject to understand, I’ve most likely have lost a bunch of you to the above line of text, but you don’t necessarily have to fully understand it in order to apply it. As I spoke about in my first blog how I began switching my phone to airplane mode for health reasons to minimize my exposure to man-made electromagnetic frequencies, this being a huge player in our immediate environment. Do you ever wonder whether Bluetooth, wifi, cellular data, smart tv’s, smart fridges, wireless devices and so on, have an impact on our health? We cannot see, smell, touch or hear these frequencies, unless you are electromagnetic hypersensitive, in which the WHO has recognized as very real, so we don’t consider it a threat to our health.

Practical Tip #1 — turn your wifi off at night and put your phone in airplane mode.

Sun exposure

Getting consistent adequate sun exposure at the right times of the year to store the vitamin D in your body for the winter months for when it is needed. Such a large amount of the population is Vitamin D deficient and are afraid of the sun because of the mass marketing of skin cancers. Life on earth would cease to exist if we did not have the sun. How is it that we have evolved from millions of years under the sun. Don’t blame the sun for what man did. (more in a future blog)

Practical Tip #2 — If possible every day get 20–30 minutes of morning sunlight and midday sun depending on your latitude with your eyes exposed.

Earthing/ Grounding

Connecting to the earth with our bare feet and receiving the free electrons that are flowing through our Earth and into our bodies neutralizing free radicals. For those wanting a more in-depth look, check out Dr. Mercola’s article here

Practical Tip #3 — Go outside in your backyard and put your bare feet on the grass for 20–30 minutes every day. (warning! if you live in a hyper electric environment, measuring is important)


As I have mentioned before getting outside frequently especially throughout the cold winter months to allow your body to adapt properly to the current environment. Resist turning the heater on constantly and crank the window in your bedroom and car. Look at Wim Hof for crying out loud.

Practical Tip #4 — Finish with a cold shower every day and get outside often in the winter months to help build a robust immune system

The funny thing about everything I just spoke about, is that it is FREE, so I guess you can’t make money from it, hence why no one is really promoting it.

Remember this information is only useful if you apply it!


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